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Week 2 re-cap is a great site for learning XHTML

java script –

– Interactivity

– Functionality

– Created in 95 by Netscape

– JavaScript has nothing to do with the programming language java

– JavaScript is easier to learn but can’t be used to create stand along applications or server components

– JavaScript is intended to provide dynamic web content


– Or Cascading Style Sheets

– Separates structure and presentation

File naming conventions –

– No spaces

– Shorten file names if you can

– Don’t use special characters

– Don’t mix upper and lower case together

– Use consistent extensions

Working with hyperlinks –

– How you create a hyperlink in HTML (<a , </a>) It’s an anchor tag


–  ULR (Uniform Resource Locator)

– Scheme:    //host   :port   /path   :parameters   ?query   #fragment

– Scheme: (website URL’s it’s HTTP)

– //host ( ex –

– :port (number, it’s rare to see anymore)

– /path (path to the file, with html code in it)

– :parameters (not used very often)

– ?query (interactive sites)

– #fragment (takes you to a portion of the page)

– The scheme, host, and the path is what you will usually see

– target = ”_blank” makes the link into a new blank page or in some web browsers another window or tab.

Using relative URL’S –

– Don’t have all the parts

– Relative links are relative to the current location of the file that have the links in them