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Week 4 re-cap

Color –

Red – stimulation of blood pressure and adrenaline. Known to increase human metabolism. It’s an exciting, rich dramatic color,  the color of passion. Darker shades of red (burgundy, maroon) have a rich and indulgent feeling about them. Earthy, brownish shades of red are associated with fall and harvest. Can provoke anger.

Orange – attractive, energetic color. Promotes happiness and represents sunshine, enthusiasm and creativity. More informal, less cooperate feeling. Stimulates metabolism and appetite, great for promoting food and cooking.

Yellow – highly active and visible color. Associated with happiness and energy. Pure yellow is a visibly active color. Too much yellow can be overpowering.

Green – associated with nature. Very soothing that symbolizes growth, freshness, and hope. Easy on the eyes and less active. It’s a very versatile color.

Blue – symbolizes openness, intelligence, and faith. Calms people down, can reduce appetite. Not good for promoting food products. Sometimes viewed as bad luck and trouble. Universal appealing due to the blue sky and sea. Conveys a sense of stability, and clarity of purpose

Purple – Historically associated with power and royalty. Represents wealth and extravagance. Least commonly used color.

White – “clean”, color of perfection, light, and purity.

Black – color of power, elegance and strength.

– There is no wrong color to use for a Website.

Color Temperature –

Warm Colors – From red to yellow, including orange, pink, brown, and burgundy. Because they are associated with the sun and fire. Represents both heat and motion.

Cool Colors – from green to blue, including some shades of violet. Violet is the intermediate between blue and red. Cool colors can calm people down and reduce tension great for background and larger elements within a website because they don’t overpower your content.


–     – is a special character. & is the beginning ; is the end. None breaking space (nbsp). This is a standard element

– < nobr > < / nobr  >  – no break

–  < blockquote > < / blockquote >  used to indent text.

– < q > </q > – used for quotations

– <  pre  >  < /pre > – block level tag. Displays in the browser how it is in the text editor.

Bad Websites –