Week 5 Re-cap


  • Anything that gives a distinctive appearance or feel to the surface of a design or object.


  • Unit of measurement.
  • Pixel is short for picture element

Point or dot

  • Fundamental element of graphic design
  • Can be used to build any graphic element
  • Have no scale or dimension unless they have a frame of reference
  • When points are grouped together they create a lines, shapes, and volume


  • Two or more points connect they make a line
  • Most common element in graphic design and most expressive
  • Foundation of drawing, and design

Diagonal lines

  • Evokes a sense of movement and excitement. It has potential energy
  • Pattern of diagonal lines makes the design feel more “on edge” causing your eyes to move around constantly

Horizontal lines

  • Provides texture and interest to a design
  • Line thickness
  • Jagged lines with sharp angels can feel dangerous and frantic
  • Gently rolling, curving lines can feel relaxing and smooth
  • 90 angle lines feel sharp and mechanical
  • Lines with lots of curves and angle’s feel very expressive


  • Two end points of a line come together, a shape is created
  • Basic geometric shapes are circles, triangles, and rectangles to name a few
  • Feel technical and mechanical

Freeform shapes

  • More abstract than geometric shapes
  • Consists of non-geometric curves, random angles, and irregular lines
  • Free flowing nature that conveys a sense of informality and spontaneity
  • Can represent an outline of a product, human gestures, or organic doodle

– Light and shadow are important in creating depth and volume


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