Final Project Proposals

Name of the business, organization, etc., that you would like to work with;

How you are affiliated with the organization;

  • With all the organizations listed I sign petitions and call members of congress to try persuade politicians to back certain ideas.

How you would gain information, photos, and content for the website;

  • I would look through the websites they have now, as well as look online for other information about these organizations.

Anything else that would be of interest;

  • A website portfolio of my work

If one of your ideas involves a portfolio website, please include whether or not you have current digital content, and what type of portfolio it would be.

  • I do have digital content, it’s mostly assignments from other CAT classes I would be displaying, as well as some of my Photoshop work I’ve done.

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  1. gigi-mo Said:


    It appears that most of these organizations already have websites based on the links you provided. Are any of them interested in working with you to redesign their site? Have you spoken to any of them? If so, are they comfortable with the class requirements and deadlines?

    If you are going to do a site for one of these organizations, you need to meet with them and get them to sign on. You can’t just blindly create a new website without their interaction, so let me know if you’ve talked to one of them specifically?

    A portfolio site is a fine alternative – and displaying your classwork is perfectly fine. You’d want to categorize your classwork, and include a resume, about, artist’s statement, and any other relevant information. Take a look at some of the portfolio sites on ANGEL given as examples.

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